MICA's Graphic Design Post-Baccalaureate program offers students an intensive immersion in graphic design. Tailored for individuals who seek to work with a select group of dedicated peers in a challenging and supportive environment, the full-time program will prepare students for advancing their careers and/or for applying to competitive MFA programs at MICA and other colleges and universities.


Impossibility Exhibition

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Graphic Design Post Bacc Spring Exhibition
March 27 - April 12, 2015

Explore the impossibilities of...
Understanding the mysteries of time in space, stocking the perfect kitchen, defeating the robot overlords, living in post-racial America, terraforming Kepler 186F, perceiving time objectively, contacting the dead, predicting the future, inoperative furniture, realizing a parallel life, dealing with difficult people, using environmental interfaces, creating a universal language...

Featured designers: Christopher Fodge, Jean Gray, Tiora Hackley, Miles Holenstein, Justin Hudson, Stefon Kelly, Page Kilcoin, Linka Lin, Louisa Liu, Rachel Minier, Claire Moore, Jenae Ramos, Caitlin Turner and Lena Yang.

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Lecture: Peter Mendelsund


Thursday, February 12
2 p.m. Guest to Post Bacc Studio
6 p.m. Lecture
Brown Center: Falvey Hall
1301 W. Mount Royal Ave.

Peter Mendelsund is the associate art director at Alfred A. Knopf and the art director of Pantheon Books. His designs have been described by the Wall Street Journal as being "the most instantly recognizable and iconic book covers in contemporary fiction." He is the author of the new book, What We See When We Read, which has been described by the New York Times as "A playful, illustrated treatise on how words give rise to mental images… . Mendelsund argues that reading is an act of co-creation, and that our impressions of characters and places owe as much to our own memory and experience as to the descriptive powers of authors… . [What We See When We Read] explore[s] the peculiar challenges of transforming words into images, and blend[s] illustrations with philosophy, literary criticism and design theory.”

He also recently published Cover, a compendium of his design work. Among the many recognizable jackets he has created are those for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; collections of the works of Joyce, Kafka, Dostoevsky, de Beauvoir, and Foucault; the contemporary works of Martin Amis, Tom McCarthy, and many more.

Welcome Class of 2015!

26 & 27 Aug
Graduate Studies Orientation
Studio desk assignments, 27 Aug, 4:30pm
02 Sep
GDPB Studio Orientation, 10am

02 Sep
Classes Begin

Design Fictions Exhibition

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Graphic Design Post Bacc Spring Exhibition
March 28 - April 6, 2014

Following a personal process of generative thinking and making, students exhibit artifacts, experiences, and ideas based on the theme Design Fictions. The exhibition explores how designers borrow conventions of language and literature, like myth, metaphor and character, for use in their work. Thinking and making outside of reality provides an opportunity for experimentation and invention.

Featured designers: Emilia Aragon, Alex Bailey, Anna Bitskaya, Sarah Claggett, Sheena Crawley, David Dale, Nick Emrich, Sharon Forrence, Angad Medi, Shuyi Meng, Kelly Nealon, Tiffany Small, Tiffany Thompson and Hieu Tran.

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Thank you Guest Critics!


Thanks to our guest critics Pirco Wolfframm, author, designer and educator and Ryan Clifford, designer, educator and associate director of the Center for Design Practice, for joining us as we move forward towards our spring exhibition.

Unravel the Code Exhibition


December 11-13, 2014
Gallery Q, Johns Hopkins University Library

Tiffany Small and David Dale from the GD Post Bacc program participated in an exhibition exploring technology and identity. Their project, Social DNA explores on- and off-line personalities by generating visualizations from data collected at the exhibition using Processing.

Unravel the Code is a recurring collaboration and exchange with students from the Maryland Institute College of Art and with students from the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Antonio Alcala Visit


Antonio Alcala, designer and principal of Studio A in Alexandria, Virginia visits the GD Post Bacc program December 2 for a lecture and critique on postage stamp design. Antonio has been an art director for the US Postal Service since 2011, including work for the high-denomination stamps, Waves of Color.

Chip Kidd Visits MICA

New York designer and author Chip Kidd will be joining us next week! Chip has been a book cover designer at Alfred A. Knopf since 1986 and is also the author of several books. See link for more information.

Monday, October 28
Guest to Post Bacc Studio